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Ibogaine is the most effective treatment we know for breaking the difficult cycle of drug dependence: it practically eliminates the effects of withdrawal from opiates and it interrupts the craving for a wide range of drugs of abuse. Also; people on Ibogaine often report entering into a state of divination and auto psycho analysis, in which they see themselves as they really are: this in turn facilitates the resolution of complicated... Read more

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Don't waste your money on any ibogaine treatment. I sent my son to Mexico for this treatment and the cost was $15,000 in a cashier's check. Remember, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably isn't. Waste of money. My son was an opiate addict and he used the day he got off the plane from visiting an Ibogaine treatment center in Mexico. Believe me, we've been through every type of rehab available. $150,000 later, my son is finally free... Read more

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Hi, we are just spreading the information on ibogaine. A separate study conducted in 2000 tested ibogaine on heroin-addicted human subjects and confirmed a lot of the previous analysis, stating that the psychedelic was able to attenuate drug addiction and opioid withdrawal. Over the course of many separate analysis studies on ibogaine, it’s been found that the substance is accustomed effectively treat addiction to steroids, methadone, alcohol,... Read more

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